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Wellesley Class of 1952

Hey, Everyone,

Since I last wrote, we have lost nine more classmates...seventeen since our reunion in June 2017. Please help me keep in touch with you and your '52 friends, and share what you have been doing so we know you are doing OK. You don't have to be going on extended trips or marching for some cause or jumping out of airplanes. Share what books you are reading, where you saw a bird building its nest, or what flowers you'll be planting when the snow melts. I may go slower, but I am thankful still to be going and shall share some things I enjoy and that keep me out of trouble. You're each important to our class so write me, and send pictures of yourself on an adventure in the park or in your back yard. I look forward to getting your email or snail mail. We're celebrating Mardi Gras down here in Mississippi and looking forward to spring.

Nancy Liberman Ratliff
Wellesley '52 Class Secretary

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